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Well, This Be Mah Introduction To FriendScene.
Whad You Won't Find on Mah Profyle You'll Find
Right Here!!!! Dah Story Of Mah Lyfe, N All Dat
Come Wif' It! Dah Full On Throttle Of Grim OR
Simply Jus Known As GStarr.

 I Love HIPHOP & R&B Music And It's
Urban Culture! Born N Raised N An Urban
enviroment It's Become Who I Am Today.
Writing' N Recordin As An Aspiring RAP
Artist! Ever Since Dah Age Of 16!
Hopefully One Day I'll Break N To Dah
Mainstream Fah Now I'm Jus Gon' Continue
To Do Whad It Is I Do N Live It Up!

I Love Artists Such as. NAS Eminem,
Dr. Dre, Xzibit, Snoop Dogg, The Game,
G Unit, WuTang, Busta Rhymes, Tupac,
Mobb Deep, Jay Z , Lil Flip, Lil Scrappy,
LiL John, Chingy, Jkwon, Jus Madd Rappers
I Got Rspecks For!

As Fah R&B, Mos Definantly Alicia Keys Mah
all Time Favorite!!!! Fah Real Christina Aguilera
Destinys Child, Ciara, Christina Milian,
Mariah Carey, And AALIYAH!!!

Tho I Live N Colorado, I Grew Up On Dah Urban
Side Of Springfield MA. So I Fah Ever Will Rep
dah 413!!! I'm N A Long Term Relationship N Have
Been Fah Bout 3 Years Nows!!! Mah Laydee Kays
who I have Madd Love N Respecks For! She Been
Through It All Wif Me, Mah Drama, Mah Pain, But
Aswell, As Dah Good Dah Bad N Dah Ugly -

I'ma Get Back Wit You and Update Dis
More In DepthLater On, Fah NOw, Dis
Is Me Hollah If You WAnt To Know More!