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           Errr, actually this is the 3rd times i open this personal page of mine with the intention to scribble sumething innit so tht i look more approachable and interesting , but *sigh* it never gonna hapen i reckon. i just dont know what to write - or to lazy , even more lazy to figure out which one is relevant , (whether  i dont know what to write or to lazy )  ( or maybe to write or not to write  ) ,scratch scratch, now im confusing myself and you ppl as well. fools !  
        Generally, as stated before in my humble profile\'s, im a law student or as my lecturer always remind us , a law reader cuz \" we read law \"-to warned us not to depends on our seniors notes completely-espc during the last minutes struggled before final exams and rather urged us to go to library  and open those dusty 400 pages of Courts judgement which mostly aged 100 years old !  puhleez madame, just shoot me !
      As well as interesting cum challenging shown on most tvs programme read :  Ally Mcbeal ,  law and order, Phillys and movies read : Double jeopardy, runaway jurist, the juror etc to be in law field or as my lecturer (again) said to grasp the legal mind  is NOT that easy!  u cant just be a lawyer. u must have the forte the talent to succeed in this field. and believe me, its not easy.  someone said to be in law school is like to be in hell and one dont really have the intention to go back-at least not tht someone i Quoted 

  However,as scary as it may sound , I\'ve just read a constitutional book (malaysian) which was written in honour of the late Chief Justice of Malaysia (Lord President Suffian) which he highligted that law field are as wide as an ocean. u can be whomever u wanna be as u must be expertised or familiarised with everything which concerns human being . u have to know medical , scientific , engineering and even architectural matters as these things involved human , and human create problems , and at the end of the day, it is the Judge , the lawyers, the magistrate or in other words its the courts which have the authority to solved it ! For example , theres no other  way u can prosecute a Prime Minister or Emperor or Dictatactor or even a King but trough the power of Judiciary system or law itself. (please think of the former USA  President Bill Clinton ) theres no other powerful methods,  but tru law u can removed even the most powerful man (at tht time ) on earth. Monica Lewinsky did  contribute 90% of it tho   haha ! The power of beautiful women is much greater i guess, but thats another story!