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Welcome To Mickal's Page


By now u should have guessed that Mickal is a Tattoo Artist

Of a different kind.... hate repeated works...

Mickal believes that unlike wearing a t-shirt or something, u simply dunt SHARE A TATOO DESIGN!


Many time we simply does not

know what we want out of life....

nor does we really know

what is life's objectives.....

 Getting a Tattoo

A tattoo is not juz a tattoo... it tells a story about u and your mind...Before u get yourself a 'mark' for life spare a moment to read this article.




These are UV tattoos, the latest break thru' in the tattoo industry... offering an alternative for people who wants something different.To know more visit us at...

UltraViolet Tattoos 



Not all tattoos can be easily reworked or cover-up. Please make sure u knows exactly what u WANTED and make very sure it is what u WANT!



 You are always welcome to add me as a friend here

at Friendscene or at Facebook with my email address...



Join our community even if u dun't plan to have a tattoo.



mickal can be reached at +65(Singapore)  +65 8299 5928