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             Me MaSeLf aNd I....

ArLoHa pEePs..!! My NaMe iS NuRuLaIn.. U caN caLLeD mE NuRuL oR aIn. Well i DuNnOe hOw tO dEsCriBe mySeLf. So hEre gOeS nUthiN...

My NaMe iS NuRuLaIn..Im 13 yEaRs oLd. ScOoLinG aT PuNgGoL SeCoNdaRy..(F**K daT ScOoL)

Im a NoRmaL gErL hU leaDs hEr oWn LiFe liKe anY oThEr GerLs hErE.. I LuRvEs daYdReaMinG.

My hObBy iS LisTeNinG tO muSiC,ChaT oN msN,TaLkinG oN da PhOnE anD ChiLinG oUt wiF ma

FrEnZ.. I cuD bE FrEnLy wiF u iF u aRe FrEnLy tOwaRdS mE. Im uSuaLLy dA nOisY tyPe oF

gErL. PpL saE i'Ve cHaNgE mY aTiTuDe.. FrOm gOoD tO baD.. BuT feR mE, iM sTill bEiN da

SaMe NuRuL.. I dOn'T feeL dA cHanGe iN mE. Im aLrEaDy tAkEn..  BuT wE sTiLL cuD bE fReNs

RyTe..? I luRvE mY bOo vErI da MuCh.. He Is vEri FaRnIe. CuTe sOmOrE..

PpL saE iM LoVabLe, CuTe, SwEeT, CaRiNg, hOt-tEmpEreD anD dA LisT gOeS oN anD oN.. I

LuRvEs PpL hU aLwaEz CaRes BoUt mE anD caN aCcEpT mE dA waE i aM. I haTeS PpL hU

TaKeS aDvaNtaGe oF mE, PpL hU oRdErs mE, baCksTaBbErS, LiaRs anD bAsTaRdZ.. DaTs all

FeR nOw... BbYes..

 FeaTuRiNg : DiaNa, FaRhaNa anD NuRuL.. 

Ni PiC,Me anD DiaNa nGa CaLLinG2 maTaiR kiTeOrG..TeRlaLu buSy sMpI LuPe FaRhaNa..