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How Does FriendScene Work?

FriendScene is a new way to connect people. You can use FriendScene for various ways to connect with people. FriendScene allows you to get in contact with your direct friends (level 1), their friends (level 2) and friends of their friends (level 3). The possibilities are endless - so why not give it a chance and create your own FriendScene today?

There are a few different ways to add a friend to your FriendScene. First, you can Invite people you know to join FriendScene using their email address (or their username if they are exsisting FriendScene members). If they accept your invitation they will be added to your personal network of friends. You can also perform a User Search to look up existing FriendScene members by name, email address, country, work place and more. If you find the person you are looking for you can choose to add them as a friend. They will be added to your FriendScene once they accept your friend request. Lastly you can request to add someone as a friend while viewing their profile by clicking on the link on their profile. Using FriendScene is very simple, after a few minutes looking around you will be an expert around the site.

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