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About FriendScene

FriendScene is the new way to connect people through interlinked networks of contacts to create one huge community. As a site, FriendScene has been established since 2004 and operates out of London, United Kingdom, offering a complete range of services and tools to ease communication and interaction between users.

Who is behind FriendScene?

FriendScene was started by two university students, one located in the United Kingdom and the other in the Netherlands. They wanted to remain in touch. This led to the creation of FriendScene where they keep in touch with each other as well as each other's social network. Since then FriendScene has greatly evolved and matured into an online community connecting thousands of friends from all over the world.

FriendScene, is a wholy owned subsidery of ISCENE LTD.

What was used in the creation of FriendScene?

FriendScene was build using an arsenal of open source technologies. We are strong advocates of open source and our entire team was build with these ethos.