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ErMm..wElComE..wElComE..sEe sEe wAd dErE tO sEe..?! kk..ngOk Ar nGok mAnE Ade papE sElEnGe!!

nVm..kEs|An Ah nGok kOrAnG..kk n|E AkU pEh pErsOnAl pAgE..fReE fReE tO tGk..EvEn thOuGh tKdE pApE..ErMm..Nk cKp ApE eH?

nAmE : NuR D|AnA

n|CknAmE : pR|NcEsS^B|tChY, bAbY_p|Nk N gErL^DaJaL

sKoLa : pUnGgOl sEcOnDaRy sKoOL

tGl pAt : hOugAnG.

ala..mAlAs lAh AkU nK tUl|s Ag|..nK tAu..tGk Ah AkU pEh pRof|Le..pElaN2 Ah kAu bAcE k?.. mUaCcKkzz!!

erm...| hAtE bAckStAbBeRs...pOsErS....hYpOcRytE...EtC...| lOvE bE|NG bE|Ng ArOuNd w|tH FrEnZ...s|stAz n AlmOsT EvErYoNe....

mY k|Nd oF pErSoN |s nOt sO FoRg|v|N...vErY |rR|tAt|Ng...LoVeS hAnG|Ng oUt w|th FrEnZ..vErY RudE...vErY StUbBoRn..Qu|tE ChOoSy...tall & th|N..sEnS|t|vE...AlWaYz Full oF nOnsEnCe...tAlkAt|vE...FuNnY...alwAyz fEeL|N sAd...rEaLLy sTuPid...

| LoVe L|StEn|nG tO MuS|c EspEC|allY tEchNo n h|phOp..Sumt|mEs | L|kE j|wAnG...lovEs mY s|stAz ( mUmmY_dEv|L N gErL^sEtAn )..chAtT|Ng oN mSn |s mY EvErYdAy rOuT|Ne..

Erm..nAh..slOwlY rEad All t|s A|tEz!


(( mE mYsElF N i ))

name ~ nur d|ana

nickname ~ dee, c|cak, d|ana, babY_p|nk, gErL^DaJaL n pR|nCeSs^B|tChY

age ~ 13

b|rthdate ~ 9 november 1991

skewl|ng |n ~ punggol secondary

stay|ng |n ~ hougang

ema|l add ~">">">">">">"> FrEnStEr N mSn ))...">">">">">">"> Fr|EnDsCeNe & mSn ))..

status ~ s|ngle N available...

abOuT m| ~

x- tall

x- th|n

x- sensitive

x- irritating

x- full of nonsence

x- an iRrItAtInG bitCh

x- talkative

x- funny

x- sometimes a joker

x- sumtimes can be stubborn

x- alwaez feeling sad

x- can be angry( if u ask for it )..

x- stupid

x- sumtimes blur

x- very rude



x- shopping

x- my frenz

x- my handphone ( ah! | need a new one!! )

x- going to skool ( cey! no lah juz go dere meet frenz )

x- listening to music

x- to eat, drink

x- ma computer ( cant live without it !! )

x- ma sistaz ( mUmmY_dEv|L & gErL^sEtaN )

x- chatting on msn

x- to crack jokes

x- ma godsistaz n broz

x- ma family

x- taking pictures

x- taking neoprints

x- sleeping during lessons

x- pink

x- blue

x- white

x- red

x- ma d|scman

x- ma cds

x- techno

x- hip hop

x- rnb

x- rap

x- jiwang

x- making new frenz



x- backstabbers

x- liars

x- bitches

x- posers

x- bastards

x- studying

x- having & doing homeworks

x- cleaning up my room

x- holidays

x- getting up early

x- being sick

x- being left out

-DuN jUdGe A bOoK bY |tS cOvEr..dUn jUdGe m| bY mY LoOkS..| may lOok |nNoCeNt oR mayBe dEcEnT..bUt |'m nOt..wA|t uNt|L u nOe mY tRuE sElF!

-U maY tH|Nk |'M sUcH A B|tCh.|t mAy bE tRuE N |t mAy NOt..sOmEtYmE |M A gReAt fReN bUt sUmtYmE iM nOt..sO bE gOoD tO mE n ill bE gOoD tO YoU!!

*** pR|nCeSs^B|tChY***